I meant to post this sooner, but I got swept up in the McGwire tide this afternoon doing FanHouse roundtables and such (Let's just never talk about him ever again. Can everyone here deal with that?). Regardless, I'd like to talk a bit about the aftermath of this Chapman signing.

My initial reaction to hearing the Reds were the team that managed to sign Chapman was something along the lines of, "Hey! Good for them! Always nice to see a smallmarket team bag a big free agent." I mean that, too. The leap from that to, "Well, hey, why weren't the Pirate interested? We've got the money, we're interested in building Latin American connections, and hell, who couldn't use a 22-year old lefty that can hit 100 mph on the gun?"

The details of the contract, though, are remarkable. There's not really...

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