Ojai, CA, 05-FEB-2013 - Ojai Village Pharmacy is pleased to announce that Doctor's Fred's Meds pain relief cream is available locally or via online access through an easy-to-use website. The product is effective and safe to apply. Further, it is FDA approved. The product is called Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub!

According to a website spokesperson, "Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub relieves the pain of sprains, bruises, aches and pains quickly. The cream is applied wherever you feel pain. Miracle Rub will do its job within moments. When you have backache, arthritis or other bodily pains, the pain cream is effective."

He continues, "Unlike other pain creams our Miracle Rub has no burning, greasy residue or strong unpleasant odor. Unlike other topical remedies, it is pleasant to use on a variety of painful conditions. These include carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger thumb, muscle cramps, tennis elbow, bee stings, migraines and other types of headaches."

The pain relief cream works through the ingredient known as histamine dihydrochloride. The substance increases blood flow. The cream also includes natural pain relievers, anti-inflammatory agents, muscle relaxants, joint lubricants, deep tissue penetration and an ingredient which may slow nerve conduction.

Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub doesn't require a prescription, but it can only be purchased at the pharmacy in Ojai or at the online store. It has been approved by the FDA and is patent pending. As an over-the-counter non-prescription, it smells good and is pleasant to use.

The pain relief cream can be applied up to four times daily. Many types of pain such as headaches, muscle pain due to exertion, and cramps respond to a single application. Arthritis pain typically requires additional applications in order to achieve optimum relief. The relief may be felt in seconds, or may require a longer response time. Chronic pain of the inflammatory type will often respond after a few hours, but the cumulative effect will give long-lasting relief.

Learn more about the natural and safe pain cream by clicking on the links found at http://www.drfredsmeds.com today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the product and its uses should use the contact information described below.

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