International Club of Manet Grass

He travelled around the world and also got familiar with plenty of famous people. He also devoted enough time to studying all kinds of traditional and modern artistic works of various countries. Therefore, he gradually formed a distinctive painting style. Regardless of what kind of painting materials, such as lacquerware, porcelain, marble, silk fabrics, glass, tapestries, linoleum, he would perfectly combine eastern and western painting techniques with this of the old and modern, to express a variety of topics concerning nature, music, love and life. Mark's painting style was mainly featured by figurative and abstract style. Because of his used bright colors, he seemed to be referred to as "color poet". As early as within the 70s from the 20th century, Mark found China. But due to the backward China's economy, he came to Hong Kong or any other Asian cities for artistic creations and Oil Painting Reproduction. After the Modern day, China's rapid economic development has additionally resulted in a cultural art market boom. The International Oil Painter Mark's Art Exhibition occured in International Club of Manet Grass within the afternoon of March 3rd. In 2008, Mark was invited to create seven-meter-long work "Lucky China" for the Georgia O'Keeffe paintings and then he became well-known by the Chinese public.International oil painter Mark was created in an aristocratic family, whose teachers were Dufy and Chagall (Chagall would be a student of Picasso). Then Mark found Beijing and in 2008, Van Gogh painting was invited to produce seven-meter-long work "Lucky China" for the Beijing Olympics and then he became well-known through the Chinese public.This exhibition displayed 70 painting works of Mark in his recent years, including "Chinese mythology", "Florid style", "Color paradise", etc. From his paintings, the viewers could truly feel the extraordinary color imagination and unique artistic aesthetics of the painter. Simultaneously, they might also begin to see the artist's adoration for Chinese favorite anecdotes. Mark was experienced in French, English, Japanese and Italian. And he has set 7 personal studios on the planet.The exhibition was hosted by Chinese Culture and Art Development Association, the International Club of Manet Grass and Tambo Beijing Art Center and organized by Beijing Chengpin Cultural Undertakings Co. Ltd, which would are April 20, 2012.