College Basketball Box Score After one of the best half for any single Purdue play, Robbie Hummel's 29 point half wasn't enough to overtake visiting tOSU (Hummel finished with 35 points and 10 boards). Evan Turner, who is obviously back into his normal self, scored 32 points while William Buford added 19 points. Purdue committed an uncharacteristic 14 TO's, 5 of which came from freshman Kelsey Barlow. tOSU also handily beat Purdue on the boards, by a 31-26 margin. We'll look deeper into tonight and Saturday's games and diagnose exactly what has caused Purdue's mid season lapse. In the meantime, take a walk around the block and think about how lucky we are to be alive. (Or alternatively warn your family, friends, and coworkers that you may be grumpy the next 48 hours.)

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