Mark “The Shark” Titus was finally drafted one year after declaring for the NBA Draft. It was not the NBA that came calling however, it was the infamous Harlem Globetrotters that selected Titus in their annual player draft today in New York.

Titus is the famous owner of the blog Club Trillion, where he described his adventures as an Ohio State bench warmer.  At 6’4’’ the guard was also labeled by head coach Thad Matta as the best pure shooter the team had.

Last season Titus entered his name into the NBA Draft and was told promptly to remove it and that he was making a mockery of the process. This continued to fuel his creativity and his blog hits.

Titus will be joined by Montana’s Anthony Johnson in the Globetrotter’s selections this year. Johnson who was the hero in the Big Sky’s conference tournament this season, also got a surprise when his wife was selected by the Globetrotters as well.

Titus’s twitter account revealed that he was once again being his creative self. “I guess dreams do come true,” Titus quoted. He started his career as a manager for the Buckeyes and worked his way to being a varsity athlete. It’s been a long and interested journey for Mark.

He also has a book deal in the works called “Don’t Put Me In Coach” that he hoped to publish in the upcoming year. His time spent in New York could make selling that book a little easier.

Mark Titus will be missed next season at Ohio State. He has been one of the most popular players to come through the university and many Buckeye fans will follow his success. The Globetrotters regularly make a stop in Ohio during their tours. I suspect there will be a few Club Trillion t-shirts in the crowd cheering on their favorite player.