Hicksville, NY 25-APR-2013 - The company employees of Hicksville NY office furniture are happy to announce the launch of over 25,000 square feet of refurbished furniture retail space for your office.

The folks here are pleased to be able to offer furniture for your business or office at low prices, refurbished to better quality. Each piece is taken and had old laminate and materials stripped from them, with newer parts replaced. This reduces the amount of wood, metal and other materials that are used, conserving energy and resources from around the world.

Each piece can be matched to many others within the showroom. If a part that the business has purchased needs to be fixed, the staff at Office Furniture of Long Island is happy to help. Fabrics, stains and more can easily be coordinated to work with previous decor, or adjusted to suit the surroundings of the business.

Comfort and pleasure come with each section. Workstations and desks, filing systems and tables are all equally reproduced to assist in the decorating of your office building. Home and business owners alike are welcome to come look and see what can be done to revive their personal areas.

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