With only two picks of their own in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders don’t have much of a draft class to add to their current roster, and help whatever new Head Coach/Coordinators transition that roster to whatever new system they decide to employ.

The Raiders will be very glad then of the compensatory draft picks handed out by the NFL this year, as they look to do rather well out of it this time around.

There are 32 compensatory draft picks awarded every year to teams throughout the league, with a maximum of four picks per team no matter how many players they have lost. It is a complex system and not an exact science, but the rules and what has happened in past years mean we can have an educated guess at what Oakland is going to receive.

To explain, the basics of these rules are as follows.

A team is entitled to compensatory draft picks if it loses more free agents than it gains, although the quality of the players gained lost can also impact on this. The value of this gained lost formula for a player takes into account what round a player was drafted in, the salary he signed for with his new team, his playing time with his old team.

Players signed to minimum wage contracts do not count towards this formula, neither do players who were cut or not tendered as restricted free agents.

The Raiders lost four players to free agency as follows.

Nnamdi Asomugha – signed five year, $60 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles

Robert Gallery – signed a three year $15 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks

Zach Miller – signed a five year $34 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks

Thomas Howard – signed a two year $6.5 Million contract with the Cincinnati Bengals

They gained one…

Kevin Boss – signed a four year $16 million contract with Oakland

In terms of playing time, Asomugha, Gallery, and Miller were all full time starters. Howard played only 62 defensive snaps for the Raiders in 2010/11, but did see significant action on special teams.

Kevin Boss was on the field for 931 offensive snaps with the Giants in the same season, so together with his contract will count heavily against Oakland in this formula. Lito Sheppard and Matt Giordano will not count against Oakland for the purpose of awarding picks.

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