The Broncos and Raiders face each other Sunday in a rival game where anything could happen, and often does. The winner will be second in the AFC west so Sunday’s game may be the most important game of the season for each team.

The Raiders are in the mist of becoming a better team if they ever solve the quarterback problem. If they play with two or three quarterbacks throughout the year it’s impossible for the receivers to adjust to the passes thrown while they are still learning a new system placed by the new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. Even the experienced tight end Zach Miller looked a bit lost last Sunday.

If head coach Tom Cable and Jackson can work together with their offense in making the right adjustments and keep the defense off the field they may have a very good chance of winning this game like they did a few weeks ago against the Chargers. Also look to see Darren McFadden back in action to increase the movement of running the ball more frequently and providing whoever is quarterback with less stress. If the Raiders can try to stay away from basic penalties, as well this will also increase their chances of winning.

On the other hand the Raiders need to make adjustments to control the young Broncos rookie quarterback Tim Tebow. Against the Jets last week he ran a total of eight “Wild Cat” snaps and scored a touchdown.  Kyle Orton will start, but Tebow may create havoc for the Raiders defensive unit.  Raiders need to step up and stop the run.  Knowshon Moreno and the other running backs for the Broncos can also be a threat in the upcoming game.

If Jason Campbell is not the quarterback, the Raiders could easily be going down once again. Sorry Raiders fans he looks very nervous and tense under the pocket and until Bruce Gradkowski returns they may not win a game. Unless the Raiders decide to run with Kyle Boller, he presents them with the best chance of winning this game.

Raiders have the talent to compete with any team in the NFL with their size and speed when they execute. The Raiders running game has the ability to run over a weak Broncos run defensive unit which will set up the deep ball threat for the Raiders, providing a momentum shift towards the Raiders even if they are playing at Invesco Field Sunday. Raiders starting receiver Louis Murphy has the ability to make an impact in the game if the start making the necessary adjustments to the ball.  

Oakland also has a big edge on special teams and plays really aggressive during their division match-ups. The Raiders will not sleep on this one after coming off a devastating loss last week to the San Francisco 49ers.

Prepare for the Raiders to make it difficult for the Broncos 26th ranked defense and win this one in tight battle.