Oakland Raiders were back to their old ways that hunted the team the past several seasons. The Raiders were a completely different team that they have been the past several weeks.


The Pittsburgh Steelers brought it all to the table and were able to march all over the Raiders both on offense and defense. The Steelers might had one weak spot but it only skimmed the surface . Steelers had a franchise high in penalties Sunday. They still managed to pull out a victory in a blow out fashion.

Where was the magic the Raiders brewed up the past three weeks. The big victories over the Seahawks, Chiefs and the Broncos seemed like a distant memory.

Raiders top defensive lineman Richard Seymour was ejected after slugging Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in the face while he was celebrating a first down near his teammates in the second quarter. Roethlisberger accidentally bumped into Seymour prior to the blow.


The game was between old time rivals a battle on the field both teams were pushing and shoving all game. They fought like it was a playoff game especially in the first half. Steelers won not only the fight on the field and but the most important part of the game scoring. The Steelers were victorious winning 35-3 at times it look like it could have been more damaging.

The Raiders offense was at a stand still. The Raiders were unable to establish any kind of running game. Darren McFadden the league leading rushing going into the game was knocked out. He only average to gain an average 1-2 yards per carry. McFadden had a total 12 carries in the game.


Starting Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell fell under the Steelers defense spell that never quit. Even when back up Bruce Gradkowski step in to tried to boost the Raiders offense in the second half they continue to fall short to the Steelers strong defensive front. The Raiders had some nice plays but to few to advance in front.


Realistically nothing exciting happen this week to the Raiders on all facets of the ball. Simply head coach Tom Cable was out coached. Cable now needs to gather and address the troops and get the team back in top shape and build from this loss.

With the Miami Dolphins on the way to the black hole the Raiders are in a must win situation next Sunday to stay in the AFC west race. With a win Sunday can not only bring the team back above .500 but a chance for possible tie once again in the AFC west division with a Chiefs loss.