The New York Giants play the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday evening in San Francisco for the NFC Championship and a spot in the Super Bowl, two weeks from this Sunday in Indianapolis.  The governor of  New Jersey Chris Christie thinks that the parade and celebration should be in New Jersey. There are Giants players who are assuming they will be in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

     The New York Giants in January of 2008 went on a magical run and did win the Super Bowl.  There are a lot of people and Giants fans who think the same thing is happening.  I am not a Giants fan but I totally respect this team and they seem to have the thing called Father Mo.  Momentum and they believe that they can not lose to anyone.  The confidence level is right there and they are playing excellent team football.

     The San Francisco 49ers are no team to take for granted. They themselves beat an excellent New Orleans Saints team in one of the most exciting playoff games in quite a long time.  They are a very well coached team under first year head coach Jim Harbaugh who is also a former NFL quarterback.  There has been talking going back and forth from both teams.

     The question is where in New Jersey would they have this so called parade? In the parking lot of the Met Life Stadium. At the end of the day the two teams that play at Met Life Stadium are New York teams.  If a parade is to be had it should be in Lower Manhattan where past parades have been.  Mr. Governor what you want to have the parade in Newark.  Sorry but that will never happen.  They can support or hold the crowd that would attend a parade like that.  Yes the teams play in New Jersey and I am sure they pay a good price to be in New Jersey as well.  Mr. Governor I love your enthusiasm but to have a championship parade in New Jersey will not happen.

     There should be no public planning of any parade right now.  The New York Giants have two games to still play and to just assume the Giants are going to be crowned champions is just a little too soon to do.  It does appear that the Giants could get to the Super Bowl but results are not just mailed in and they do play the games.  It is not a lock that the Giants will beat the 49ers either. Don't talk about a parade just yet.  Let them play and win first before planning.....