Here's JR to welcome us to the show. He brings out Dusty Rhodes who apparently is the new General Manager of NXT. The main event is McGillicutty vs. Kidd and Dusty is very excited about it. You can say a lot about Dusty Rhodes and a lot of it is critical, but you can NEVER say he comes off as bored or dull. The guy always sounds like he cares about what he's talking about and that makes a ton of difference.


Video on Bo Dallas which I believe we saw last week. His dad is Mike Rotunda, more famous as IRS. He talks about smiling all the time and being ready to go at any time.


We get the Vince Hospital clip from Raw.


Bo Dallas vs. Rick Victor


Regal and JR are on commentary so I can't complain there. The crowd sounds fired up already and I'm really digging this so far. It looks different from the regular WWE setup whih is a nice change of pace. Dallas controls with some armdrags to start but Victor chops away in the corner. Snap powerslam puts Victor down and a spear gets the pin for Dallas at 2:17. I didn't see enough of Dallas here to tell what I thought of him but it wasn't bad.


Dallas says you just saw his game plan being executed and that this is just the beginning. He talks about his smile some more. Dallas is only 22 and looks even younger than that, but that's the point of being in the minors like this. He has potential at least.


Video on Seth Rollins who talks about being the change we've been waiting for. He debuts next week.


Video on Antonio Cesaro and how awesome he is. He's The Future and will also debut next week.


Damien Sandow vs. Jason Jordan


The announcer messes up Sandow's hometown, calling it Palto Alo. Sandow does his usual schtick, talking about how this is an unworthy opponent. Therefore, he won't be wrestling tonight. No match.