NFL?Who is the next ?

      On Monday , Denver Broncos released his head coach Mc Daniels for the bad performance , so comes to the third coach who was released . Who will be the possibly fourth ? As NFL Wholesale Jerseys  said .
Now it seems , the most probably is Jeff Fisher , the head coach of Tenessee Titans . Now his team got 5 losing streak , and more seriously , his team is staying tumultuous times . The argument between Jeff and starting quarterback Vince Young was regard the reason of losing streak . Titans start off 5-2 , bu now is 5-7 . In this progress , TiTans did not got too much injury , in addition , Titans signed star WR Randy Moss . Pitiful Moss , he still not got a victory in new franchise . Titans next rival is Colts , a team which is still control their playoff fate , they may want ending a three-game slump in Tennessee . Once Colts get the winning , Jeff ‘s future ? Titans owner Bud Adams may think it over . From Wholesale Jerseys supply news .
      Of course , as a man who seen it all in his 17 years as the Tennessee Titans' coach , and finished as the league's third currently coach leading victories(146) , Fire Jeff Fisher is a difficult decision . Or if Titans give up this season , I believe Jeff Fisher will get Titans back on track next season .Cheap Jerseys Wholesale​