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Ace: That’s it! The NFL Season is over. In the last 150 days we both had high aspirations of our favorite clubs and watched the season unfold with very little unpredictability because as we saw in Super Bowl XLVIII the NFC was by far the more superior conference in the 2013 Season. We were both agree that the Broncos were the best team in the AFC by a long shot, but what I don’t think either of us realized was just how far above the rest that Seattle is. It was a boring Super Bowl, but it was pure and utter domination by the Seahawks.

Allen: Well thankfully I was in a VIP lounge for the Super Bowl, with all the drinks and food that I wanted. The game was an absolute dud that did let me down a bit, despite the awesome atmosphere. Even though I kept repeating great defense beats great offense almost every time, it wasn’t supposed to be that one-sided. I’m still in awe of how sloppy Denver was, along with how controlled Russell Wilson was. He wasn’t rattled at all, which may be a testament to Denver’s average defense or the fact that he got the ball in good field position on almost every occasion. This game couldn’t have been more head scratching for fans everywhere.

Super Bowl XLVIII

 Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8

Ace: The Seahawks led the game for 59 minutes and 48 seconds after the botched snap by the Broncos led to the safety that started the game. Everyone talked about the Seahawks defense and the high scoring Broncos offense but the Broncos scored the fewest points since Super Bowl XXXV when the Giants scored 7 against the Ravens powerful defense. The Seahawks defense prevailed and absolutely destroyed the Broncos. Here’s my favorite fun fact of this game: Seattle scored 12 seconds into both halves.  Insane.

I was impressed that the Seahawks out gained the Broncos and made the record setting offense look like they were the Jaguars. Ultimately a poor defense and special teams by the Broncos as well as turnovers did them in. In my time of watching football this was the most lopsided a contest I remember.

I think Malcolm Smith was an interesting choice for the MVP. 10 tackles, a fumble recovery and a touchdown is a solid game but Russell Wilson and Percy Harvin were definitely candidates as well. It was a memorable Super Bowl due to the dominanace of one team but it will also be a forgettable Super Bowl because it won’t be talked about as one of the greats but one of the biggest butt kicking’s in NFL History.

Allen: Peyton Manning never faced a pass rush quite like Seattle’s this season. Even though they only sacked him once, it was clear that Manning wasn’t going to have time to look downfield very often. He had to revert to check downs on many occasions. Even though his offensive line was getting praised all season long, they are far from an elite unit. They missed Ryan Clady in a big way. You look at both of Manning’s interceptions and it was from being hit in the pocket.

Seattle’s defense has proven to be a dominant unit all year long. Earl Thomas was my pick to win MVP, yet it was Kam Chancellor who made the biggest impact. He deserved to win MVP from his all-around performance. He set the tone with a big hit on Demaryius Thomas on Denver’s second drive. Chancellor had ten tackles, two passes defensed, and an interception as well to his stat sheet. How he didn’t win MVP was somewhat of a robbery. There are so many playmakers on that Seattle defense, which is why I predicted them to win by winning the turnover battle. Denver tends to get predictable if their running game isn’t effective. Eventually they had to abandon it, but it was obvious that Moreno and Ball weren’t going to have much success. That’s what led to Manning having to throw the ball at will, which plays right into the hands of the “Legion Of Doom”.

Russell Wilson went back to his old self by making smart decisions and not being reckless with the ball. When when he was forced out of the pocket, he made smart decisions time and time again. His chemistry with Jermaine Kearse continues to grow. Even though he finally had a breakout game, I’m sure Seattle wishes they didn’t invest so much into Percy Harvin. Seattle has a nice core of receivers in Kearse, Doug Baldwin, and Golden Tate. For as dynamic as Harvin can be, he has too much baggage to live up to expectations.

It didn’t surprise me to see Manning that rattled in the pocket, but nobody expected the game to be that one-sided. From the frantic start with the botched snap to Percy Harvin returning a kick off return, people were in complete disbelief to see Denver fall apart as bad as they did. The game was a letdown, similar to Tampa Bay versus Oakland eleven years ago. That game was hyped as the best offense in Oakland against the best defense in Tampa Bay. Once again, the best defense reigned supreme. It doesn’t matter who you are, if your offensive line can’t protect the quarterback and can’t run the ball effectively then your offense is destined for failure.

Ace: Like I said earlier, that’s it! We’ll be back to talk about free agency moves in Mid April and look ahead to the NFL Draft. I’ll put together a few mock drafts as well leading up to the NFL Draft on May 8th. Just remember, NFL Fans, the Hall of Fame Game is 180 days away. Six months. I will miss the NFL while it’s gone but the nice thing is that the storylines never go away and there is always plenty to talk about in the offseason. Check out Tuesday’s Macho Men Radio as C-Mac and I wrap up the NFL Season and more! It was fun writing about the sport I love the most again with you this season and I can’t wait to do it next year. Wrap it up for us!

Allen:  It has been your typical frantic season. It was a shame that the season had to end in such dull fashion but at least we saw a team win that will be on top for years to come. Seattle is an example of how an organization should be run by making excellent picks in mid to late rounds (Wilson selected in third round and Richard Sherman selected in fifth round). Besides the Harvin trade, you can’t say anything bad about that organization. They put together a tremendous unit that could have won it all last year, if it wasn’t for their slow start and late collapse in Atlanta. Hopefully teams start to look at how Seattle assembled their spectacular roster, because that’s how you do it. You build through the draft and make it an objective for your defense to set the tone every single game.

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