In the name of charity, the NFL has allowed the Cowboys players and coaches to come together for a charity event in Dallas Sunday night.

The Cowboys held their annual Taste of the NFL: The Ultimate Cowboys Tailgate Party. (man that sounds like fun) Both coaches and players attended.

Coach Garrett said before the event, “We’re all here for this event.  The way the rules have worked, we’re allowed to be here together.  Everyone is focused on being here, having a good time and supporting this event.”

DeMarcus Ware hosted the event and had this to say, "Giving back is what I do,” Ware said.  “To be able to do that even though with what’s going on with the NFL, it doesn’t matter.  I’d do it regardless.”

“I’m ready to play,” Ware said. “Everybody is going to be ready because you never know when [the lockout is going to end].  It’s going to come, and then it’s going to be time to play.”