Previously today I mentioned a candidate for the back of the rotation/pen guy.  Next up is that guy you could slot in the middle, possibly the top, of the rotation and while having Ace potential most likely won't get paid at that rate.  

First of all before we start talking ability, lets look at projected price:


Free Agent Profile: Ubaldo Jimenez

they project Jimenez to net a contract at either 1 year in the 14M range or ultimately signing for something between 3/39 or at most 4/52. 

While the Mets are desperate for offense, sometimes the market changes your needs.  Adding a guy like Ubaldo to the top of your rotation at a decent price allows you to consider trading players like Gee or Niese even more.  So in other words, perhaps a combination of Ulbaldo and Trumbo (don't get fixated on the name) is better than Gee and Granderson for a cheaper price and possibly less of a long term commitment.  

Jimenez will be 30 to start the season so locking up a potential ace for 3-4 years at 30-34 is a decently safe move.  He is also durable, starting at least 31 games per year since 2008 while pitching between 175-221 innings during that time.  While he did struggle for 2011 and 2012, he seemed to regain his form this year with a 3.30 ERA in 182+ innings.  Not to mention a 2nd half that posted a 1.82 ERA in 13 starts. 

Honestly, MLBTR usually nails their predictions (not to an extreme of course but who does?) but I would think considering his age and name recognition he could net a larger contract along the lines of 4/60 but if it really is 3/39 adding him to a potential 2015 rotation of 

Harvey, Wheeler, Thor, Jimenez and Niese/Gee/Montero could possibly lock the Mets into a rotation among the best in the sport with no one over 31!