As most of you probably know already the Nets are pursuing a trade for Dwight Howard, ever since Dwight requested a trade to NJ. If any trade is accepted it would most likely include the Nets Center, Brook Lopez and picks. The most recent deal was a three team deal between Nets, Trailblazers, and Magic. Their were many pieces moving in certain places, and if anyone is good at completing multi-team trades it's Billy King who has already completed over 6 multi-team trades. In the rumored deal the Nets would receive Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu, and Chris Duhon. The Magic would receive Brook Lopez(from NJ), Johan Petro(from NJ), Gerald Wallace(from Portland), and picks. The Portland Trailblazers would add 4 first round draft picks. This deal would be great for the Nets who already have All-Star PG Deron Williams and other pieces such as sharpshooter, Anthony Morrow. This deal I think of it as a steal for the Magic too, because they receive a good SF in Wallace and a future star in Brook Lopez plus they add a draft pick or two. Now that Nene has been signed by the Nuggets it looks as though the Nets really want/need Dwight Howard ASAP! Although there are multiple reports that the Magic have pulled Howard off the market, I don't believe it is true in anyway. Most of you probably remember last year when the Nuggets supposedly took Carmelo off the market, but then he ended up going to the Knicks mid-season. Let's face it every year there is going to be some kind of drama surrounding one player whether it is Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and now Dwight Howard.