New Haven, CT, 27-FEB-2013 - Savin Dental Care and New Haven sleep apnea professional, Dr. George Discher DDS, are pleased to announce that real relief for the problem of sleep apnea has been achieved through the use of a dental appliance placed over the rear teeth. The device slightly changes the alignment of the lower jaw so that the joint no longer presses on the many nerves that are in the area.

A surprising number of people are being identified as sufferers from sleep apnea. The typical symptom is snoring at night, sometimes loud enough to disturb the rest of the sleeping partner. Other symptoms include loss of cognition, lessened protection against infectious diseases, irritability, and daytime fatigue. Medical professionals don't always recognize the link between sleep apnea and the symptoms. This leads to many victims of the disorder being perceived as malingerers.

Dr. Discher explained the process he does with patients in a recent interview, "My initial consultation includes a complete dental examination. Typically this will include x-rays, in order to determine whether the dental appliance is likely to alleviate the problem of sleep apnea. This information is shared with my patients so that they can determine whether they want to continue with the therapy."

If the patient elects to continue, the customized device is prepared and placed over the back teeth. The slight adjustment alleviates the pressure on the nerves of the mandible. Relief of the pressure means that nerve impulses are no longer blocked. The small and discreet appliance is preferred over the CPAP equipment, which can be expensive, awkward and even cumbersome.

Learn more about the help that is available to sleep apnea patients by checking the web pages at now. Members of the press and others who want additional answers regarding the details contained within this press notice are encouraged to contact Dr. Discher, New Haven sleep apnea authority, at the location provided below.

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