ND was unimpressive tonight in their win vs. Wake Forest. The Irish came out looking flat to me, they don’t come out fired up wanting to rip the heads off of their opponents, they look like they’re starting the second game of a double header or something I don’t get it? Irish looked bad in the first half and went in to the second half losing 17-10. Lucky for the Irish they jumped up 24-17 going into the 4th (that being the final score). ND had big plays by Harrison Smith and a crucial Sack by Stephon Tuitt which had led to a missed field goal. Another thing to note is that ND’s offensive line has played great this season, 5 sacks on the year not to bad a little shout out to them. Both ND’s backs Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray ran the ball well Jonas had a big run getting ND down to the 1 yard line which really gave the Irish momentum. Tommy Rees didn’t look his best tonight, he went 14/23 for 166 yards and 2 TDs but also 2 INTs. Both INTs were on bad throws and as of late my confidence in Tommy has dropped, he just doesn’t fit into the offense like the QB should. He is more of a pro style system QB except he lacks arm strength, I mean I like him but honestly I don’t think he should be ND’s starting QB. Call me crazy but I think we need to get Hendrix some real snaps, he can run, he has a strong arm, and he could be a great fit in Kelley’s offense. I know Everett Golson is probably going to red-shirt this year so that takes him out of the picture for now, but with ND now bowl eligible I hope we see more of Andrew Hendrix. On the other hand ND had some injuries Aaron Lynch, Braxton Cave, and Manti Teo were all of the field tonight, I’m not sure what is the latest on them but hopefully we find out soon those could be big losses if serious. I want to just say Harrison is a very good safety he is strong athletic, sure tackler and becoming a smart football player. Darius Fleming had a huge forced fumble tonight and ND really caught a break on that one because that could have changed the whole game and resulted in an ND loss tonight. I wasn’t really impressed with ND tonight while satisfied because they won and ultimately that’s all that matters they didn’t show anyone how good of a team they are well could be, they looked average and if they want people to stop calling them overrated and hyped up they need to come to the field and play their hearts out and show every game that they are a legitimate team week in and week out.