I just wanted to get this down, because I'm sure I'll lose this sheet of paper from ASAP Sports. They typed up the whole interview with Vanderbilt, with my stuttering question included. I think I may have blacked out, because I barley remembered what I asked or what Coach Stallings said. Anyway, it kinda makes sense written out.

Q. It was encouraging to see Brad Tinsley knock down a couple shots against Missississippi State and wanted to see if you see him rounding back into his freshman form?

Coach Stallings: I think that Brad went through a stretch where he didn't shoot the ball well, but we all know Brad is a good shooter. You can look at his free-throw numbers. He's shootin' 93% from the foul line. He's not a guy that's lost his touch or anything. But it was nice to see him make...

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