I thought it would be fun to to write articles during the NBA offseason about the flaws I see in certain NBA players' games, or elements that I felt were missing from their repertoire that should be added. Hopefully the things that I point out are actually things being worked on during the offseason by these players. I am going to call these articles "NBA Player Reprogram " because, in most cases, the player might need to reprogram that aspect of their game. In other instances the player may need to simply upgrade certain aspects of their game, but even in the upgrade some reprogramming is involved.

Blake Griffin is easily one of if not the most athletic power forward in the NBA today. Everyone has seen the thunderous dunks as he catches lobs or finishes on the fast break. But there are a couple of things that are missing from his skill set that if developed would make him more of a complete post player and vastly more dominant.

The first thing I wish I could upload into Blake Griffin's programming is a consistent jumper from 15 to 17 feet. If he was able to hit a baseline or elbow jumper from that range with some kind of consistency it would help the 2-man game between himself and Chris Paul immensely. It would give Paul and Griffin some variation on what they can get done off pick plays because with the consistent jumpshot Griffin would be able to set picks and fade to a spot for a shot, or slip to an area instead of more often than not cutting directly to the rim.

The problem with that wish is that if you have ever really paid attention to Blake Griffin and watched him shoot a jumpshot it looks hideous. For whatever reason Blake Griffin releases his jumpshot on the way down from his jump. That fundamental mistake is the biggest reason why his shooting is so erratic from 15 to 17 feet. I hope he is working on releasing the ball at the top of his jump. With a consistent shooting stroke, his pick and roll game with CP3 as well as his face up game would totally benefit and make life easier for him on the offensive end.

Another thing that Blake Griffin should add into his arsenal is a turnaround fadeaway jumper that he could use in the post. With the ability to elevate that Griffin possesses he should have no issue elevating over defenders on his fadeaway and getting his shot off. With the turnaround fade added to his skill set he would be able to get around defenders easier on the block since it will give them another post move to think about. Blake is already pretty quick on the block and a fadeaway would enhance his post game a great deal.

With Doc Rivers coming to " Lob City " I am hoping that these are ideas that he drops into Blake Griffin's ear. After watching Kevin Garnett operate with these capabilities in Boston for the last few season I am sure that he would like to see Blake incorporate these attributes into his game.

If there is a player that you would want me to reprogram leave a comment at the bottom of the article or hit me on twitter at @slimfizzleDa4th !!!