Naperville, IL, 26-DEC-2012 - Naperville chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Serpe provides individuals suffering from back pain the safe and natural solutions that will enable their ability to return to activities they once enjoyed without fear of recurring pain. The doctor creates plans addressing the immediate pain and offers the training, care and support that will increase mobility and improve overall health and wellness.

When interviewed recently Dr. Serpe shared his commitment to providing the most advanced levels of care to patients. "There are often many factors that contribute to back pain and, in order to achieve long-term alleviation of the pain, addressing all of these elements is important. I work with people of all ages who experience back pain as a result of stress, inactivity, tasks related to jobs, injuries and more. My goal is to provide patients with both the care and tools that they need to become more active and participate in achieving and maintaining their goals for greater health and wellness."

During the initial meeting with Dr. Serpe an individual receives a complete physical examination that includes x-rays to identify any misalignment, compression or herniated discs that may be disrupting proper circulation through the spinal cord and pinching nerves. The doctor will ask questions about the past history of back pain with the person as well as any accidents or injuries that have occurred and triggers for the pain such as stress or tension.

Dr. Serpe will review the diet of the person, their normal exercise regimen, daily activities and lifestyle. The doctor also conducts tests to determine the flexibility and mobility of the spine and determines other areas of the body that may be impacted by the damage or injury to the spine.

After reviewing all of the data collected Dr. Serpe creates an individualized wellness program that addresses the immediate pain through the use of chiropractic techniques to realign the spine, relieve pressure from pinched nerves and restore circulation in the spine. Other therapies such as massage and cryotherapy are employed to reduce swelling of muscles and tissues surrounding the damaged area and stimulate circulation and healing.

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