Pacquiao vs. Rios Fight Observations

Manny Paquiao wore that knowing smile again as he walked to the ring to face perhaps the final ending of his career. Everything was on the line last night for Pacquiao.

I believe Manny Pacquiao responded to the urgency of the situation, and has re-committed himself again to being a full time boxing star and we saw the results in his dominating performance vs. Brandon Rios.

Pacquiao has gotten back to being a full time boxer, he has wisely set aside the distractions of being a congressman, businessman, entertainer, gambling, womanizing, etc.

It clearly showed in this brilliant, near-erfect performance against a pretty dangerous foe. The hand and foot speed, quickness, athleticism, mobility and punch accuracy and volume are all still there for Pacquiao. I was most impressed by some of his multi-punch combinations, some, to my amazement, were as long as eight to ten punches in duration.

Before the fight, I was told by a source that even the great boxing historian Mike Tyson expressed last night concerns and even some doubts for Pacquiao's future after losing by the infamous face-first knockout to Marquez one year ago. Those kinds of losses are very hard to recover from. When even a boxing mind like Mike Tyson felt worry for Pacquiao against Rios, you can know with absolute certainty that the performance Pacquiao put on last night in China was special. Very special.

The great champions always redeem themselves after suffering a brutal loss and Manny Pacquiao redeemed himself last night.

The great champions suffer miserably like us mortals can never relate to, when they lose a big fight. It kills something inside of them. One great fighter told me the mental and physical anguish of losing a big fight feels worse than being stabbed in the back. I have witnessed mighty warriors reduced to tears after losing, it's an unforgettable image.

But Manny Pacquiao has found a way and risen again from the ashes of disaster and ruin and proved himself and to the world that he is still a great champion with a few extraordinary performances still to come.

Of course, most of all, the world is clamoring to see Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, the ultimate clash of welterweight titans. From what I can understand, it seems Bob Arum would still like to make the fight however there hasn't been any public confirmation that Mayweather and his advisor Al Haymon want to finally make this superfight a reality. Pacquiao, as usual, was verbally shy talking about Mayweather, he passed the decision to Arum, as he has in the past.

The last we heard from the Mayweather camp was from Leonard Ellerbe who abruptly, almost angrily, stated over a month ago that Pacquiao is not an option for Floyd, the fight will never happen, Pacquiao blew his chance.

Mayweather himself has never shown any sincere interest to face Pacquiao, except for a few silly juvenile publicity stunts like the one when he showed that he already had assembled his ring outfir for the Pacquiao fight which of course was a bluff.

Mayweather's true feelings about fighting Pacquiao were probably revealed more candidly during his defiant admission on All Access two months ago that he wants his team to continue to handpick safe opposition for him, to in effect, steal money from fans to pay premium dollar to watch boring sparring sessions. The implication by Floyd was: Why should I bother with a high-risk, potentially health-jeopardizing brawl with Pacquiao when Al Haymon and Showtime will pay me easy money for a sparring session?

But as we know in boxing, things can change in a minute. And maybe just maybe, with the cold reality that the public doesn't much care to see Floyd face Khan or Hopkins, perhaps it will influence Mayweather and Haymon to finally summon the courage and confidence to say to themselves, "Lets do it, let's make this damned fight with Pacquiao..."

Let's keep our fingers crossed..