1. Where are you from?

I am from the inside of the Track.


2. Do you have any other Family Members involved in Racing?

Yes.. I am in a relationship with @Sunocosign and also very good friends with some high up's in NASCAR.


3. How long have you been dating the Sign for?

We are Married.. and have been together about 8 years. She likes to look at my cracked backside and I like to Pole dance on her lol.


4. How long have you been in NASCAR for?

I have been into NASCAR since the 70's Back when cale yarborough was driving.


5. Have you been busy with the testing going on in Daytona?

I dont get involved much with the testing .. I do enjoy the company back at the track tho. Off season is too long.


6. Are you ready for new Season to start?

I am super excited to get this season started. I enjoy any chance I have to nibble on some cars. I really like to bite Danica's rear end.


7. Are there any baby walls?

I have a few Jersey Barriers running around. They like to play in traffic.


8.  Are there a downside to being a wall?

The downside is I tend to go a long time between meals . You will see me tweet sometimes the My lil guts are eating my big guts. LOL.


9. Is there any Drivers you like the most?

I don't tell who my fave driver is to avoid conflict with other followers. But I do root for the 88.


10. How has off season been for you?

Off season's are very long and lonely for me. No action and no meals.. I get some scraps from the track workers now and then.


11. How you a fan of any other Sports beside NASCAR?

I really enjoy collage football and I watch WWE.


12. Do you like any other Racing Series?

I watch the IRL a little .. Mostly like when they run our Nascar Tracks But I don't like how they taste. too much Fiber for me.


13. What College football teams do you cheer for?

. I enjoy them all.. But I like WVU.


14. Do you like a certian NFL Team?

I am not a fan of NFL. I feel most players dont play as hard after they make it big. That's why I like collage. They want to make it.


15. What is the best part about being in NASCAR?

The fans.. But I love the smell of rubber oil and fuel burning. Nothing like being at the track.


16. What kinds of music do you like?

I like all kinds of music. from hip hop to old country. What ever gets me dancing. LOL


17. Do you get much Family time during the Race Season?

Oh I make time. My Sundays are always full though.


18. Do you and the Orange Cone get along?

I have never had a problem with the cone. But for some odd reason he has Blocked me on twitter. Guess he didn't like something I've said.