Though it is Sunday, but has formed the habit of getting up early.Morning, open windows, of greet is a golden sun in every corner of the town. My deep breath, and then slowly spit, called -- fresh air filled my heart, as if on every cell, every nerve to be activated at time.

Splendid. Such a beautiful spring day, so full of spring! I always do what?!For a walk! Put aside the work on hand, put down the tedious housework, put aside all the troubles in mind, a tract: to date with the spring!My shoes? Comparison of repeated or to wear my most loved ones.  Yes ah! I am the nostalgia, though it is a little warm feet, some old, some are not suited for this season. But it together with me the cold winter, stumble through.

It is my first choice, it is still my best love. Shoes, suits your feet only oneself know. Others can not understand. This pair of shoes is not necessarily expensive, not gorgeous, but it must be for you. My shoes: once " Luo " my feet, each also once can't resist each other·· · · · ··but we are running with, mutual adaptation.Now, we all know how to tolerance and understanding of each other, Miyako Keiko had the choice. My shoes, I never to forsake you, even if you break a leg.

Because I am a man who is nostalgic, is the feelings of the people. As a child, my beloved doll, even though it is old, I will always hold it. Until one day, he suddenly disappeared, my heart, heart. The kind of taste if not feeling experience is absolutely impossible to understand. Perhaps it is from then on, I began to yearn for. Cherish what you have, it is really belongs to you, not to really lose, then too late to regret -- too, too late!His eyes looked out of the window, v the spring is so beautiful Oh, gee, I still hesitant what, what is silent, still waiting for what. Immediately open the dust-laden heart, to wear light clothing, immediately clean up your mood, invite friends, with family. Enjoy nature scenery spring gone, will completely into them, not negative the auspicious spring scenery.Go ... ... Spring, put on my shoes!