Just finished my bracket. Or at least, the bracket that I'll share with you guys. Truth be told, I've got about a half dozen brackets out there.

But for practical purposes, this is the one that I feel the best about. I entered this bracket in three ESPN tournaments, Fans of Washington, Bow Down to Washington and Seattle Brackets.

EAST REGION No. 1 Kentucky over No. 16 East Tennessee State No. 8 Texas over over No. 9 Wake Forest No. 5 Temple over No. 12 Cornell No. 4 Wisconsin over No. 13 Wofford No. 11 UW over No. 6 Marquette No. 3 New Mexico over No. 14 Montana No. 10 Missouri over No. 7 Clemson No. 2 West Virginia over No. 15 Morgan State

SECOND ROUND Kentucky over Texas Wisconsin over Temple UW over New Mexico West Va. over Missouri

SWEET 16 Kentucky over Wisconsin West VA over UW


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