When Niese threw that first pitch yesterday, somethng happened.  I forgot who won the World Series last year.  I forgot that Santana is going under the knife today, I forgot that R.A is playing for an American League team.Yea, it must be Opening Day.And as much as I want to pontificate on how great the Mets looked yesterday, there is a part of me that is guarded and remembers that this is just one game out of 162.But you can't help but smile and cheer.When the pitcher hits a single to score a run.When Captain America makes a great stab at third.When the bases are loaded with Mets and the new guy goes yard.The Mets didn't win 10 games yesterday, as a matter a fact, they are tied for first with two other teams.But it doesn't matter.It's a funny thing, Opening Day....to the teams that lose, it's just a game. To the teams that win, it sets a tone.Will it be gone tomorrow? maybe, but baseball is back.