For residents of Austin doula support is used to help women to give birth safely, calmly and more naturally. For new mothers, it is particularly important to have the support of someone who knows about childbirth from personal experience. For centuries women have relied on the help of other mothers during labor. This practice became less popular for a long while but in the recent past, it has become more commonplace. Doulas have become a common way to ease the labor process.

Whilst the pain of labor may seem to be the most difficult part of childbirth, there are other concerns that doulas are there to help with. When a women transitions into motherhood, the stress and strain of the dramatic change are immense. Doulas are there to offer targeted support through this transformation so that labor happens with less stress.

The word 'doula' has its roots in the Greek term for caregiver. Mothers have needs that are far beyond the scope of medical management. They need to be physically as well as emotionally supported. Doulas need to fit in with the rest of the medical team. The safety of the mother and child need to be accounted for but emotional encouragement is gravely needed as well.

Most doulas are mothers who have gone through the process of labor themselves. This is greatly useful because it allows them to use their own experience to improve the help they offer. They help women to make the decisions that will be most useful to them and their unborn children. Women need to receive information about the methods of pain control and childbirth they can choose. There are a number of natural options that control pain without bringing side effects and dangers medications and epidurals do. Water births are only one of the many natural methods of easing labor.

Doulas offer comfort and support long before labor happens. They speak to mothers to be about the worries they have about childbirth and motherhood while they are still in the early stages of pregnancy. Mothers who have given birth before often have unique concerns, and doulas speak them through such worries.

It's imperative that the environment where childbirth will happen is kept as calm and serene as possible. Doulas help to create such an atmosphere by bringing music, candles and aromatherapy oils into the area. They play a role in helping mothers to communicate their needs and desires to medical teams so that the choices made are beneficial to both the mother and child. They also interpret the information the medical team offers into understandable language.

During a labor in which only medical professionals are present, mothers lose out on much of the support they need. Midwives may communicate in terms that are difficult to comprehend. Doulas offer this information in layman's terms and thus educate the mother about the process while it is happening. Those who use doulas need fewer epidurals, pain killers and Cesareans.

Before an Austin doula begins to practice, she commits to a range of ideals that she will use to offer support. She promises to communicate honestly with the women she works with. Ultimately, her task is to ensure the physical and emotional security of the child and mother throughout pregnancy and labor.

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