Some notable names in the trade pot are Dwight Howard ,Josh Smith or Iman Shumpert. Some are now saying that while these are big ticket names, they lack any feedback on their position of a possible trade. With the trade deadline reaching the 24 hour mark, the best intel on these players is this. Dwight Howard. Has now made it clear to many that he will stay with the Lakers and he will not talk of any trade rumors. Josh Smith is almost a definite trade in the making as the Hawks have told many teams such as Boston, Brooklyn and Houston that they would appreciate a trade talk for some key players to add to their dwindling roster  such as Kevin Garnett, Brook Lopez or James Harden. Iman Shumpert has recently come off injury and yet his trade stock has risen for some reason which confuses some Knocks fans while intriguing others. With only one large trade dealt yet, being the Rudy Gay Raptors exchange, I find this years trading bond fire to have been blown out. Don't expect anything significant tomorrow because I think everyone is cozy where they are.