With the NFL Lockout finally over free agency has begun. A slew of deals have gone down so far. The one I am anxiously awaiting though has not. Kyle Orton is still a Bronco. For now Tebow Time will have to wait. Orton is currently taking the snaps for the Broncos 1st team. The Patriots are proving there a team to watch this season. After aquiring Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins they also got Chad Ochocinco from the Bengals. This makes them dangerous as always on offense.

The Steelers may have won the AFC last season but they were exposed at how poor they can defend a passing offense. The Packers offense is great but not like a New England Patriots offense. I would have liked Pittsburgh as the AFC front runner if they would have let Ike Taylor walk and sign a real #1 cornerback like Nmamdi Asomougha. Instead there content with having a #2 corner as their #1. I'm sure that made Santonio Holmes day. Pittsburgh, New England, and New York are clearly the cream of the crop in the AFC. I just can't buy into the Ravens winning the AFC with Flacco.

Another big move was Kevin Kolb going to the cardinals. Kolb is gonna have weapons in Zona. Larry Fitzgerald is a star. The Cardinals did however lose Steve Breaston to the Chiefs. What they put opposite Fitzgerald could tell how good Kolb can be. I think he can be a good quarterback but was he worth Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd Round Pick. I doubt it.

While the Patriots improved their team this week on the other end of the spectrum the Redskins show why they suck! For starters they have a bum for a coach. Shannahan won in Denver when he was surrounded by hall of famers on his team. He now has to actually coach and let's see how Grossman does as a starter. Maybe go sign JaMarcus Russell. It's about the same. They got rid of headaches Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth and pretty much got a pack of bubble gum in return. Big thanks to that moron Daniel Snyder for taking Jabar Gaffney and his over paid contract from Denver though.