There are a lot of great Mets blogs out there.  For those of you who use the Sportsypder feature, you are already aware of that.  Sometimes, some blogs get looked over, such as Connor's great blog featured yesterday.  Today, I am featuring a story from Mets 360.  These guys have a great group of authors and provide a lot of thought provoking, balanced articles which in today's Mets blog world can be hard to find. 

How far are the Mets from a top-three offense?

Brian Joura does a great job looking at the Mets OPS+ numbers and comparing it to the top of the league.  Going on the assumption that the Mets will have decent pitching going forward, perhaps even exceptional if Harvey returns sooner than later and the kids develop, the real need is offense.  

Brian points out: "The thing that jumps out to me is that it’s at least as important to avoid the lineup sinkholes as it is to have a lineup stacked with thumpers."

Now I will say there are a couple of questions I have.

When using OPS+ it does factor in park effects.  While I understand that, I perhaps wonder if that correlates to runs enough?  Would a team that ranks the highest in OPS+ also rank the highest in runs scored?  I would imagine it would be close enough.  

The second question I have is there such a thing as an empty OPS+?  Lucas Duda's 130 OPS+ (.247 .364 .453 .817) would place him tied with Allen Craig and Yadier Molina for 16th in the NL.   That would rank him ahead of Matt Holiday, Hunter Pence, Justin Upton, Jay Bruce and the list goes on.  Granted Duda has only logged slightly less than 300 PA so far this season.  Yet does it feel like that if you placed Duda at 1B for an entire season he could be relied on as a core offensive player?

Anyway, it's a very thought provoking article about what the Mets need to do in order to take the next steps towards a competitive team.