Monster Jam has continued to unveil the field of trucks for the 2014 Monster Jam World Finals at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas in March, adding a popular Canadian to the field.

Plenty, Saskatchewan native Lindsay Weenk has been given the ninth invite to come to the party in March with his truck Lucas Oil Crusader.

Weenk started competiting in 2000, beginning his career in Jurassic Attack.

"I was playing Junior B Hockey in Saskatchewan and at the time my older brother Kevin was driving Jurassic Attack for Don Frankish," Weenk told "Unexpectedly, my brother’s baby boy was born four months premature so he had to get out of the sport. He discussed the idea of me driving the Monster Jam truck with his boss and after getting the go ahead, he asked me if I wanted to come drive.

"I left right then for Alberta. I pretty much loaded the truck up by myself and headed for San Diego and I also learned how to drive semis at that time too. I started driving Jurrassic Attack after my brother Kevin, and then my brother Nathan drove it after I did, then he went to drive for Randy Brown."

Weenk did solid in that truck, but his career took off when he jumped into Iron Outlaw, driving for Jimmy Creten.

As part of the 2Xtreme Race team beginning in 2006, Weenk started picking up big event wins almost immediately including Montreal, Minneapolis and Detroit.

After putting himself up with the big names, Feld gave Weenk a big opportunity, selecting him to drive the Blue Thunder truck in 2008. He has since moved from there to Lucas Oil Crusader. 

When he is not driving a monster truck, Weenk enjoys farming.

"Now that I live in California I miss the seasons of Canada and the farm life," he commented. "Once you’re a farm boy it’s kind of in your blood. So, making my way up there and doing that stuff is what I enjoy."