The list continues to expand and a super hero is hoping to spoil the party.

Monster Jam announced that Frank Krmel gets to bring his superhero "Cleatus" to World Finals at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas in March in hopes of taking home the big crown.

Like many drivers, Krmel got into Monster Jam as a child and inspired the dream of becoming a driver. He began his career in the business volunteering for Jim Koehler and Team Scream.

"I met Jim Koehler, who lived about 30 minutes north near Port Huron, Michigan," Krmel said. "I was racing go-karts at the time and I asked him if he needed any help. I started by helping him put the tires  on at a show. Then, I started going to the shop every night while I was going to high school. The next thing you know, I started going on the road with Jim and Chris Bergeron. After working five or six years on the crew, Koehler let me drive. And, I’ve been driving ever since."

Krmel became one of the 'hired guns' - a driver who could hop into any truck and perform.

"Any time that anyone else would need me to drive I’d come in and do it," he said. "That fall, I joined the Monster Jam team and drove Demolition Man, but Demolition Man wasn’t a full-time truck. So after that first quarter, I went to Europe and was driving Hot Wheels, but whatever Monster Jam truck they needed a driver for, I did it and would help out wherever I could. I’d drive whatever and I’d crew whenever I got the chance . So there’s no real reason, it just kind of happened that way. Whenever a seat was open, they stuck me in there." 

In 2007, Krmel's hard work paid off as he moved into Donkey Kong full-time, before moving into Blue Thunder. That led to becoming a lead driver of the Advance Auto  Parts Grinder Monster Jam truck team.

Though for this year, Krmel switched gears and jumped behind the wheel of the Fox Sports 1 Cleatus Monster Jam truck to along with Monster Jam's promotion of their events on FS1.

Krmel has been fast at World Finals before - including quickest qualifier during the racing portion of 2009 - though has yet to bring home a championship. Perhaps Cleatus can help the veteran fulfill that step in his career.