Monday Nitro #80

Date: March 24, 1997

Location: Duluth Convention Center, Duluth, Minnesota

Commentators: Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko


Another Nitro this week with another stacked card of eleven matches. There isn't much different from last week as Hogan is still afraid of Sting and the main feud is still Page vs. Savage for the PPV. Flair is still out with an injury as he would be for the next six weeks or so. There just isn't much to talk about at the moment and there won't be for a few more months. Let's get to it.


We open with a recap of last week's challenge from Savage to Page.


Opening sequence, which still has Hogan in the red and yellow as the featured person.


Larry Hennig is here.


US Title: Dean Malenko vs. Konnan


Dean is defending and has a big bandage over his left eye. Apparently tonight DiBiase has ordered WCW to give Savage a TV Title match vs. Prince Iaukea. Konnan takes him to the mat and grabs a leg hold which Dean escapes into a standoff. Konna hits him in the back as we hear from Syxx about Dean Malenko. It's implied that Eddie and Syxx have something going on. Konnan powerbombs him down for two. Dean comes back with a leg lariat but Konnan hooks La Majistral for two. Konnan misses a “dropkick” off the top so Dean can grab the Cloverleaf to retain.