Date: November 5, 2001

Location: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York

Commentators: Jim Ross, Paul Heyman


We're two weeks away from Survivor Series and we have most of the teams set for the Winner Take All match. Angle jumped ship last week to further WWF-ize the Alliance roster. The WWF is in chaos right now and the main event tonight is Jericho vs. Rock for the WCW Title because the person that holds that title is really going to help the WWF in their war right? Let's get to it.


We open with a recap of Test and Booker T beating Jericho and Rock for the tag titles, taking away the only reason they had to not kill each other.


We actually hear about Rebellion, the British PPV, where Rock and Jericho got in yet ANOTHER fight.


Here's Vince to open the show of course. He immediately makes Jericho vs. Rock for the WCW Title later tonight so we're automatically off to a better start than most of his promos. He wants them to beat each other up once and for all so that they can concentrate on Survivor Series. On to more important things though, as Vince says that at Survivor Series, someone is going to jump to the WWF. Apparently it's going to be Austin. Well they certainly took the swerve out of that swerve pretty quickly.