Monday Night Raw

Date: January 9, 2006

Location: Giant Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Attendance: 5,500

Commentators: Joey Styles, Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler


This show can be summed up in three words: Live Sex Celebration. Edge shocked the world last night by cashing in the first Money in the Bank Briefcase to win the world title from Cena after Cena retained in the Elimination Chamber. Tonight, Edge and Lita are going to celebrate by having live sex on Raw, which is more or less the biggest nightmare that Linda McMahon wants to keep in her political closet. Let's get to it.


We open with a recap of the show last night. I remember talking to a huge Cena fan who I went to school with and freaking her out the next day by telling her what happened. This recap goes on for like five minutes too.


Here's Cena to open the show. He's still mostly a rapper here so he talks about how life is full of choices. Last night Edge had a choice to make and he won the WWE Championship because of it. Tonight the fans are making choices, including those that have made the choice that he sucks. He'll stand with all the people that love him and for the people that hate him, they can kiss it. Tonight, he's cashing in his rematch clause and he wants Edge right now.


Cue Lita who was in her VERY hot slut period. She says Cena doesn't get his rematch tonight because of “oral persuasion” she gave to Vince, so the rematch is at the Rumble. Apparently the only wrestling Edge will be doing tonight is with her, in the ring tonight. It's going to be a threesome with the two of them plus the title. See, Edge actually knows what to do in bed. Cena says he'll see Edge at the Rumble.


Women's Title: Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James


Trish is defending but Mickie psycho at this point, so she demands that the fans cheer louder for Trish. Wait Ashley is challenging. So why is Mickie there at all?


Women's Title: Trish Stratus vs. Ashley Massaro


Trish is still defending. Ashley grabs a headlock to start and grabs a quick headscissors. It's clear that she's not ready to be in the ring for an extended period of time yet but she's getting the basics down I guess. Ashley hits a kind of bulldog for two but it causes Mickie to snap and come in for the DQ. Psycho Mickie was awesome. Lillian screws up and announces Trish as the winner.


RVD will return in the Royal Rumble. He had been out for most of a year.


Cena is getting ready in the back when Vince comes in. Vince talks about great those first time things are, such as the first time Edge won the title last night and the first time for Edge vs. Cena at the Rumble. Then he talks about the Live Sex Celebration which isn't his idea either. Cena seems to like the idea, but Vince says if Cena interferes he loses his rematch. Before he leaves, Cena says there's some evidence of Lita's “oral persuasion” on his pants. Cena wasn't quite ready to talk to Vince at this point.


Carlito is getting taped up for his match later when Masters, his partner, comes in and grabs him by the shirt. Masters yells about the loss last night and blames Carlito for it, as Carlito screwed Masters over while he had Cena in the Masterlock. That really was pretty stupid of him when you think about it. They have a tag match later.


Rob Conway vs. Chavo Guerrero


Royal Rumble qualifying match. Conway runs him down to start and poses ala Chavo. Chavo comes back with right hands in the corner as I have to question who thought this match was a good idea. I get that Chavo was getting a push recently because Eddie died but do we need to see him qualify against Rob freaking Conway? Chavo tries to skin the cat but gets kneed to the floor.


Conway works on the back on the floor and Chavo is in some trouble. Back in and it's off to a chinlock with a knee in the back. An Eddie chant brings Chavo back and he kicks Rob to the floor, followed by a pescado to take him out. Chavo pounds away and dropkicks him down for two. Conway rolls through a spinning cross body out of the corner for two as the announcers discuss the live sex celebration. Rob mocks Eddie's chest slap to really make him hated but his suplex is countered into Three Amigos and the Frog Splash gets the pin.


Rating: D. This was in essence a squash match that took awhile. Did we really need to see Chavo Guerrero qualify for the Rumble? This was one of the downsides to Eddie's death: Chavo getting pushed because of it. Chavo is a talented guy but at the end of the day, there's nothing of note to him. The match was pretty weak here too. Oh and in case you were wondering, Chavo would last 59 seconds in the Rumble.


The Wrestlemania Big Time Moment is Edge winning MITB. Seems appropriate for tonight.


Shawn is in the back when Angle comes in. Kurt is mad at Shawn for superkicking him out of the Chamber last night. Shawn says he did it because Angle busted him open. They're a team tonight so they need to forget about last night. Apparently a match against Carlito/Masters is bigger than a world title match in the main event of a PPV. Ok then Shawn. Shawn wants to know if he can trust Angle. Angle shows off his medals and asks if he can trust Shawn. Kurt mentions something about a zero tolerance policy.


Shelton and Mama Benjamin are here with Mama running into Val Venis. She recognizes him from some of his movies but can't place him. He lists some titles and is told where he's going when he dies. This was one of those questionable choices they made around this time, as Mama Benjamin is a comedian in a fat suit.


Chris Masters/Carlito vs. Shawn Michaels/Kurt Angle


Shawn and Angle argue over who starts the match so the other team jumps them. Angle sends Masters to the floor so it's Shawn vs. Carlito to get us going. Carlito gets taken to the mat via a headlock and things settle down a bit. Shawn pulls the hair which is a bit more evil than it usually would be due to the massive afro that Carlito has. Off to Angle who gets a big response here in Pennsylvania. He hooks a headlock of his own as Daivari (Angle's manager) yells a lot.


Carlito finally hits a suplex but Angle runs him over with a clothesline for two. Shawn comes in and gets a good reaction in his own right. It's quickly back to Kurt who takes Masters down with a headlock. That's a popular move tonight isn't it? Masters fights up and hits a powerslam but the Masterlock is countered into a release German. Angle misses a charge into the post and Carlito knocks Shawn to the floor as well.


We take a break and come back with Carlito stomping on Angle in the corner. Angle finally snaps off an overhead suplex to get himself a breather and it's a double tag to bring in Masters vs. Shawn. Shawn slams him down and hits the top rope elbow for no cover. He loads up Chin Music but Carlito makes the save. Carlito comes in legally now and hooks a chinlock. Shawn is bleeding a bit over the eye.


The Backstabber stops a Shawn comeback but Shawn hits a backdrop out of nowhere. Angle walks away from the tag though and Shawn is in trouble again. Shawn breaks the Masterlock before it goes on and DDTs Masters down. Angle walks away from another tag attempt to check on the shine on his medals. Shawn superkicks Kurt down which counts as a tag apparently. Masters throws on the Masterlock which gets the win via knockout. Daivari gets a superkick too.


Rating: C. This was the main event style tag match but it was more about furthering Shawn vs. Angle which is more than fine with me. This would continue an incredible series between the two which saw them stealing almost every show they were on. Carlito and Masters would self-destruct soon after this without many people caring. Carlito had a ton of potential but it never really went anywhere.


Vince comes up to Shawn in the back and says that was the real Shawn. He makes Shawn vs. Kurt for next week to end their feud once and for all.


We get some stills from last night where HHH used a sledgehammer to beat Big Show.


HHH says it's funny that Cena lost the title to someone that meant nothing a week ago. That was a big change, but the one constant around here is him. He warned Big Show that he would get hurt if he came after HHH and that's what happened. Now it's time to go to the Rumble and then to Wrestlemania.


Vince's Devils (Torrie, Candice and Victoria) are in a bed in the back. Ok then.


Last night after the win, Edge and Lita said they would have sex on TV tonight.


Clip of Stacy Keibler on Dancing with the Stars.


Shelton Benjamin vs. Val Venis


Another Rumble qualifying match. Val takes over to start but Shelton hides behind his Mama. Back in and Shelton works over the back to take over. Off to a chinlock which Val fights out of pretty quickly. Mama shouts that Shelton better win here. Val comes back with a half nelson slam and small package for two each. A spinebuster looks to set up the Money Shot but Shelton rolls away and grabs an Oklahoma Roll for two. Val gets a cradle out of the corner for two as Mama keeps shouting. She stabs Val in the tights with something, allowing Shelton to hit the Exploder for the pin.


Rating: D. This was a comedy match that forgot to be funny. It was a common thing both then and now to see the company trying to be funny and probably amusing themselves, but for the masses, this comes off as really stupid and unfunny. Hey look, a stereotypical fat black woman yells a lot and gets a win for her son. This totally makes me want to watch more of the show right?


Royal Rumble ad, with the theme of Ancient Rome with Vince as Caesar. This guy's sexual fantasies would scare me to death.


Kane vs. Snitsky


Rumble qualifier, Snitsky assault, Kane no sells, chokeslam, pin, less than a minute.


Kane says that's the first casualty on his way to Mania. There will be 29 others at the Rumble, which isn't the error that I thought it was.


Edge arrives and is met by Lita.


Here are Edge and Lita for the Live Sex Celebration. Edge says that the champ is here and that no one saw it coming. He outsmarted everyone and cashed in when no one expected it. To be fair that's true, as this wasn't a total cliché like it's become now. Edge says that in this industry, you don't have to be the biggest or the toughest, but you do have to be the smartest. He was patient, just like he was with Lita. He took everything he wanted and last night he did that again.


We get a highlight reel of Edge's past set to Right Here by Staind. It's actually a decent recap of his career. That brings us to last night but they didn't have sex. Edge wants to do it right here live on Raw. We get the porn music and they take each others' boots off. Lita's top comes off as does Edge's. The skirt and pants come off next so they're in their underwear. Edge throws her down in front of him so she's bent over and there goes her bra. They go under the covers and we get a full on shot of Lita's breast. Edge takes her underwear off and Lita seems to go down a bit.


And here's Ric Flair because who wants to see a naked Lita right? He calls Edge a disgrace to the title and says he's dead in the bed. Flair dances down the aisle as Edge puts his pants back on. Flair chops him to the floor but gets his head cracked with a chair. Say it with me: Flair is busted open. Edge loads up the announce table and puts the chair on it before going to get another one. There's a Conchairto for Flair and Cena finally runs through the crowd to make the save. Edge runs off so Cena goes and looks under the covers at Lita. Smart man that Cena. Lita takes an FU to end the show.


Overall Rating: B-. Ok the wrestling here pretty much sucked, but this was ALL about Edge vs. Cena. If I remember right, and I could be wrong, this show did one of the highest ratings in years, which is to say that Edge was a popular choice as champion. The Live Sex Celebration may be the second pinnacle of his time in WWE, which is saying a lot all things considered. This was a big moment, but unfortunately Cena got the title back just three weeks later, as they didn't trust Edge at Mania yet. Still though, this is more about a memory than a great show, which is ok.


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