According to MLBTR's annual FA prediction list:

2014 Top 50 Free Agents With Predictions

They have the Mets signing

#13:  Curtis Granderson 33 years old opening day.  Granderson has been discussed at length here.  He is coming off an injury plagued season after a disappointing 2012 by the standards he had set in 2011. MLBTR earlier predicted that Granderson would get a 3/45 deal with possibly a 4th year option. 

#14: Stephen Drew 31 years old opening day.  Drew also has been rumored on Mets blogs for a while now.  After having down 2011 and 2012, he did rebound quite nicely... in Boston.  Also in the same article MLBTR says that he may have a shot at a 4/40 deal. 

#23: Bronson Arroyo 37 years old opening day.  Bronson has been a model of consistency over his career posting 175 innings plus every year since 2004 and at least 32 starts every year since 2005 while besting 200 innings 8 of those years (missing one more by an inning).  Pitching in Cincy is no easy feat and he has done it well, especially the last two years.  MLBTR predicts a 2/24 contract.  

#49: Roy Halladay almost 37 opening day.  Halladay was awful last year posting a 6.82 ERA in 13 starts toping out at 83mph in his final start.  Obviously this would be a one year deal with incentives.  I would think something along the Marcum lines just because of the name factor. 


So that's 4 players with an average age of 34+ signed to around 40-45M just next year alone and at least 37 locked up the following year.  


Did I miss something?  Was Alderson fired and replaced by the Ghost Of Omar Past?