Myth # 1: The lens is as black as possible?
Brown, dark green, brown, black ...... in the end, what color's ability to resist ultraviolet light is the best, the best eye? In fact, the color and the ability of UV does not matter, generally suggest that you choose gray cheap oakley sunglasses , because the gray better restore the color of the object itself, just let the object itself darkened, and other color lenses more or less will change the color of the object itself. Followed by dark green eyes better comfort. Some girls in pursuit of fashion sense will choose some color lens sunglasses, and then to be taken to avoid the blue, red, purple or yellow, will cause severe visual fatigue, and thereby damage the eyes.
Myth # 2: The greater the curvature of the lens, sunscreen larger the area?
Girls like "yurt" on both sides of the larger arc, many consumers think that can stop both sides of the sun, so sunscreen effect will be good. As long as the curvature of sunglasses, it will produce a prism effect, eyes more sensitive to people who wear cheap oakleys glasses, there may appear dizziness, in addition, the generally larger arc sunglasses belonging to the European version of the three-dimensional face of the Europeans glasses, Asians generally wear nose pad location is not suitable, will rely on both sides of the mirror legs clamped to the location of the temple, prolonged wear can also cause headaches and dizziness, so I do not recommend choosing a larger curvature of the lens of the sunglasses.
Myth # 3: good sunglasses and polarized light microscopy?
Polarized lenses polarized coated with a special material in the middle of it, the quality of the polarizer like shutters chaos reflected light finishing it strong reflected light from all directions, into a parallel light, so to see objects clearer, more comfortable. Usually sunglasses are not polarized coating, good discount oakley sunglasses only good barrier and ultraviolet light and reduce the function of reflecting light, the effect of up to less than the polarizer. Polaroid eliminate glare light, but we must avoid in fast motion.