I received a few questions about the Minnesota Wild through Twitter, Facebook and email. I will answer those questions in this article.

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Our power play is horrible. What is wrong and how can it be fixed?

Movement is the answer to both questions. The lack of movement allows the Blackhawks killers to stand in the shooting lanes and block shots. The easiest power plays to stop are the ones that have little movement.

The first unit especially needs to get the Blackhawks moving around. Someone will get out of position and a shooting lane will come open. Capitalizing is the final step.

Why hasn't this team lived up to the expectations?

There appears to be an identity crisis. When they are aggressive, see game three of the series, they are as good as anyone. Two days later, game four, they look more afraid to make a mistake than they are to make a play.

I know you recently said that you don't believe Mike Yeo will be fired. Has that changed or are we stuck with him for another year?

Yeo's future with the Wild could very well hinge on game five. If the Wild go down swinging, he could be back. If the Wild get steamrolled like it did in games two and four, then I expect a coaching change. If the Wild win three straight, he definitely will be back.

How much better would this team be with Dany Heatley? His absence looks like it is making a difference.

Having another proven playoff scorer would help. Exactly how the lineup would be different is difficult to predict.

What do the Wild need to do to duplicate the 2003 playoff run?

That is interesting because this is a more talented Wild team than the 2003 squad. The 2003 Colorado Avalanche was just as good as this Blackhawks squad. So it is possible. The Wild showed what it needs to do in game three. Be physical, aggressive and pressure the Blackhawks - especially on the forecheck.