It's Miller time in Buffalo. Once again the playoff chances of the Sabres strongly rest on the shoulders of allstar goalie Ryan Miller. The Sabres 12-3-2 with Miller in the net will have to rely on him being able to stay healthy, if they have any hope of being a playoff team.

The second and third string goalies have looked suspect at best, with Patrick Lalime going 0-2 with a 4.14 gaa. and Jhonas Enrtoh 0-1 with a 4.12 gaa. . With that being said not to take away anything from Lalime and Enroth much of the blame goes on the lackluster defense. I have watched Sabres D with the exception of Tyler Myers constantly give the puck away in their own end. Matordor and Butler stand around like they have got concrete in their skates.

The sabres offense consist of 4 at best average lines. with an offense that ranks 21 in goals per game they need to hold opponents to 2 goals a game to have a realistic chance of winning. Since the days of Breire and Drury have become the Days of Vanak and a bunch of 10-15 goal scorers. Miller will Have to have a sensational season for the Sabres to go anywhere. Unfortunetly  I think in the long run it will be Beam and coke time instead of Miller time in Buffalo. Another disappointing season in the B-lo.