And on this day, I never got to go to sleep.New York Islanders owner Charles Wang is in talks to sell a majority stake in the team, says TSN's Bob McKenzie. The NHL Insider sent out the following Tweet - a Tweet that would create pure chaos on Twitter - just after 12 a.m. Friday morning.NYI owner Charles Wang in talks to sell majority stake in NHL franchise. Nothing done yet, no telling if it gets done, but talks underway.— Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie) March 28, 2014No further information was given.I will weigh in more on this tomorrow either here, or at Islanders Insight. Until then, I leave you with this.What if Kanye was buying the Isles as a birthday gift for Kim Kardashian? Sleep on that.— Chris Triantafilis (@christriants) March 28, 2014I'm Chris Triants, and this is my blog.Follow @ChrisTriants"Like" Our Facebook Page E-Mail: [email protected] To Islanders CountryLet's go Islanders!