For years Michael Young has been a loyal,dedicated and huge part of the Rangers success.Young has always been willing to move positions for the good of the team. After Alex Rodriguez was traded to the Yankees for Alfonso Soriano, Young was willing to switch from 2nd to SS. When Elvis Andrus was brought up, Young moved from SS to 3rd base to accomodate the up and comer. This past offseason Young was moved to a DH/Utility type player with the addition of Adrian Beltre. Young made it known throughout the offseason that he was unhappy about the move and even requested to be traded at one point. At this point you could not blame Young for the way he was being treated. Young is one of the most consistent hitters in baseball and has not had less than 174 hits in a season since 2002. He had 5 straight 200 hits season from '03 to '07, not hitting under .306 in that span. So in 2010 when Young hit .284 for the second time in 3 seasons, Rangers owners felt like it was about time to move in another direction. Fans had mixed emotions about parting ways with Young and the argument could easily be made that he is the most beloved Ranger since Pudge Rodriguez left. By the start of Spring Training however Young's whole attitude had changed and once again was willing to do what he had to for the team.

Since the additions of Josh Hamilton,Nelson Cruz,Derek Holland,Neftali Feliz,Alexi Ogando, so on and so on,Michael Young kind of faded off and gave way to the new faces of the franchise. But this year, in a year where it was unclear as to whether he would even return as a Texas Ranger, this season maybe one of the most outstanding of his career. When Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz were injured early in the season, Michael Young stood up and took control of the team that he was once the sole face of. Leading the Rangers through what could only be described as horrible luck, Young showed once again that he is as dangerous as ever.  He is currently 3rd in the Majors in Average, 2nd in Doubles, 12th in RBI,  and 1st with RISP hitting .374. His power numbers have taken somewhat of a dip but he is hitting .335. Young could argueably be considered a top 10 player this season, given his flexibility to play almost anywhere on the infield, and his willingness to sacrifice for the team at his own expense. The Rangers are still sitting atop the AL West despite the huge injuries.

Now if Adrian Gonzalez was not having the ridiculous season he is having, could you give Michael Young the "Felix Hernandez" benifit of the doubt for (due to his power numbers) for MVP? Could you sit back and say that the whole team would have stayed on pace without Michael Young? Would the Rangers still be sitting in 1st place without the leadership of Michael Young while Cruz and Hamilton were injured? I know 1 player does not make the team, but in this case Young helps a hell of alot. Now Ranger fans ask yourself, is Michael Young the Rangers MVP?