May 3, 2013 – Mexico City: TVC-DEPORTES and ESPN have joined forces to broadcast MAPITV’s MMA reality show Duel of Giants, produced by long time TV producer, Mapi Montero.


The Mixed Martial Arts reality tv show will be filmed in an exotic location in Mexico, and will be produced in English and Spanish simultaneously. The tournament winner will receive a prize of US $100,000 and the World Champion Title endorsed by the RDC MMA (RETO DE CAMPEONES MMA).  The series will be broadcasted in the US by ESPN in both languages and in Spanish by TVC DEPORTES in Mexico.


Para leer la versión en español, oprima aquí.


The first season of Duel of Giants laid the foundation for the sport in Mexico. This second season will strengthen that base and demonstrate to the world that Mexico is indeed a stronghold for Latin American Mixed Martial Arts.


Duel of Giants brings together some of the best young talent in Mexico to face tough competition against Team USA.  16 men will live and train together before going to battle for the top prize.


Directed by Mapi Montero—one of the most experienced TV producers in Latin America—and under the guidance of some of the sport’s best known names, Duel of Giants is set to prove that “The Land of Aztecs” is a big market for MMA.


Besides portraying Mexico as a unique arena for Mixed Martial Arts, the series will without a doubt show the MMA world why it must focus and pay special attention to the young talent being brought up in Mexico and the rest of Latin America.  It is also important to understand that investing in the expansion and growth of MMA in these countries is a must.


"I feel very happy that Mexico adopted me and gave me the opportunity to show the world the beauty that this land possesses and MMA as a sport is. Having signed with TVC DEPORTES and ESPN, and to be able to reach Spanish and Anglo-speaking households with this reality show is an achievement without precedent for the company.  Undoubtedly, it will demonstrate the importance of having Mixed Martial Arts here in this beautiful country.  As sports anchors we will have Marcos Valdez, María Teresa Suarez, and Paulina Gómez, who have accepted this enormous challenge,” said Mapi Montero.


Season premiere of Duel of Giants will be broadcasted in June of 2013 in both Mexico and US.


About Mapitv:

MAPITV is a Television and film company who is constantly innovating its concepts and formats for the United States and Mexican markets. In addition, it’s also the first production company of its kind to be directed by a woman.  MAPITV produces films, documentaries, live programs, commercial infomercials, and reality shows.  All its productions are made Full HD format.  MAPITV also specializes in public relations and advertising campaigns.


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