The Mets and the Phillies are heading into the 2013 season with several question marks in their respective outfields. While both teams are fielding a young squad of players and each has his own upside, their 2012 performances leave much to be desired. Of the lot, the offensively inept Ben Revere racked up the highest WAR at 3.4, aided by inflated defensive values (take note that his UZR in CF last season was actually negative!). Listed below are the players most likely to rack up the most innings at each respective position on their team. Their age is in parenthesis, along with their OPS and WAR from the 2012 season alone.So which team's outfield will out-produce the other's this upcoming season?Phillies:Left Field: John Mayberry (29) .695 OPS, 0.4 WARCenter Field: Ben Revere (24) .675 OPS, 3.4 WARRight Field: Delmon Young (27) .707 OPS, -0.7 WARMets:Left Field: Lucas Duda (26) .718 OPS, -1.1 WARCenter Field: Kirk Nieuwenhuis (25) .691 OPS, 0.9 WARRight Field: Mike Baxter (28) .778 OPS, 1.2 WARWild Cards:Mets – Collin Cowgill: has only played in 75 MLB games, may split time with Kirk in CF.Mets – Andrew Brown: has only played in 57 MLB games, may split time with Baxter in RF.Phillies – Domonic Brown: only played in 56 MLB games last season with a -0.2 WAR, but may split time at a corner outfield position this season or even become a starter if he performs well enough.