This summer LeBron James stole the show, and now Carmelo Anthony is ready to rule NBA free agency. He's been speculated with many teams, but which one will he choose to play for next season? 

New York has been the number one option for 'Melo . He even said he won't sign a contract extension with any other team except the Knicks. They have an appealing trade package they could use to get Carmelo with the likes of Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler going to Denver.

New York could make a dynamic duo of Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony to make a championship push over Miami and Boston in the Eastern Conference. Also, they have enough cap room to go after one max free agent this summer with Carmelo Anthony. One idea could be bringing in a free agent point guard like Tony Parker or trading for Steve Nash to make a great big three.

The second team Carmelo has been linked to is New Jersey, eventually the Brooklyn Nets. They have a trade package revolved around number three overall pick Derrick Favors they can use to bring 'Melo in. Favors and Carmelo trading places rumor has been floating around ever since Favors was picked by New Jersey.

New Jersey is young and has two great budding stars in Devin Harris and Brook Lopez to team up with Carmelo Anthony. They would advertise to 'Melo to be the man in New York and take over that spot from Amar'e Stoudmire. The Nets front office would tell 'Melo he would be a hometown hero in Brooklyn.

Who else could Carmelo Anthony land with for next season? Five teams that could make a run for 'Melo are Detroit, Washington, Dallas, Charlotte, and Magic. All these teams are unlikely, but it wouldn't surprise me if some other team gets Carmelo Anthony. Be ready for some 'Melo madness to go down sooner rather then later.