What is melanoma? Melanin is a dark brown in the animal skin or hair pigment, generated by a special cell melanoma cells and stored in it. It is because of the presence of melanin, the skin color. For some reason once melanoma cannot be formed, also caused a depigmentation, forming a white spot.
Melanoma on human of protection: Melanoma is human and health has of endocrine one, its features does not just protection skin, decided hair, skin, eyes of color, and it throughout in eye front-end of Rainbow and the retinal rear, filter strongly Sun of penetration, protection eyes of Visual features, throughout cheap oakleys glasses within wall of melanoma, its features like camera within of black box, absorption light, (especially blue light) of repeatedly ejection, thus can reduced dazzled, enhanced comparison, increased visual image effect, But the eyes over exposed to the Sun's rays, via the oxidation of free radicals caused by under, although melanin to protect, but with age, lens and retina gradually get hurt, which lead to cataracts, which cause of macular changes affecting vision or even lead to blindness, not to mention human secretion of melanin, like other endocrine, reduced increases with age. Age 40 15% reduction, at the age of 70, only about 60%.
Melanin lenses successfully. By Dr.James Gallas, (United States Professor of physics at the University of Texas) CEO,Photoprotective Technologies researched and developed successfully, and United States, the European Union, Australia, Canada franchises such as melanin synthesis can be integrated into the resin lenses such as raw materials, manufacture lenses, including CR39,HI-index,Polycarbonate,Acrylic, met stiffening even natural melanin * endocrine function, Can prevention eyes Visual features was injury and recession even led to blind, in addition to according to above principle, has commercialization this sun glasses (prevention Sun injury and the protection eyes around wrinkles), reading glasses (prevent read Shi of optic nerve fatigue and the increased clarity), prevention computer vision syndrome, night depending on mirror (enhanced night driving car clarity), optical tablets (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism mirror) zhiwai, is has cataract surgery Hou replaces more melanoma Crystal body, and the other play melanoma features of related products.
United States doctoral tutor in physics at the University of Texas, Dr James Gallas is the inventor of the melanin lenses, melanin-related inventions received United States Patent Office of Commerce obtained 3 patent James therefore United States optometry outstanding contribution award.
Cheap oakley sunglasses melanin lenses, PC (also known as the space was important material for making spaceships, light bullet-proof medium) material, has a good light and ultra light, ultra thin, ultra hard characteristic, extremely difficult to break, reached the top of safety standards. Effect of melanin lenses
Full blocks harmful electromagnetic radiation such as light, ultraviolet, to reduce visual fatigue
Through in lenses in the added melanoma components, can comprehensive absorption too Sun in the of UV radiation, efficient barrier super strong light, and clutter reflection light eye vision of serious interference, improve Visual within scene color comparison degrees and really color balance, depending on real more clear, and more soft, effective soothing eye dry, and acid, and astringent, and expansion, eye fatigue symptoms, and slowed due to depending on fatigue and produced of diopter number of deepened, effective reduced eyes cataract and retinal macular degeneration, eye disease of incidence.
Slow down skin aging
Melanin lenses for UV in sunlight and harmful electromagnetic wave absorption of electromagnetic radiation of electronic products, filtration, can effectively prevent dark circles, bags, wrinkles, reduce eye skin aging.
Multilayer technology for its effects more prominent
Lenses multilayer composite technology in design and manufacturing, fully embracing the melanin and other special protective properties of optical materials, reaching a 1+1>2 effect, maximum protection from ultraviolet radiation, high-intensity light, clutter the reflected light and other harmful light damage to the eyes. Experimental Description: ultraviolet light exposure, 100 Yuan anti-counterfeiting markings are legible, but melanin lenses cover after anti-counterfeiting marks disappear completely. Proved to melanin discount oakley sunglasses lenses effective UV protection.