I just got word from publicist Mario Serrano in an email that Floyd Sr is now saying Manny Pacquiao has to beat Robert Guerrero or Canelo Alvarez, THEN he can punch his ticket to fight Floyd Mayweather (allegedly) next.


This is just another nonsense obstacle being set up by the desperate Mayweather camp. It's another Al Haymon chess move, to protect and save Floyd and at the same time try to rebuild Canelo's name off Pacquiao in order to try to give Team Floyd yet another chance to get rid of the relentless threat of Pacquiao coming off the sensational victory over Brandon Rios in China. Haymon's number one objective and priority is to save his "Face" of boxing Floyd Mayweather from those lightning-fast, southpaw, ten-punch combinations via the fists of the Fllppino Destroyer. Haymon's leverage as a powerbroker in boxing is built entirely on maintaining the illusion that Mayweather is the GOAT.


Floyd Sr., undoubtedly under orders from Al Haymon and Floyd Jr., is attempting to drum up a Pacquiao vs. Canelo or Guerrero fight which clearly shows that Team Mayweather/Haymon is once again in all-out duck mode.

The duck goes on, same as it always does...Haymon and Mayweather have been running scared for FOUR years now. No matter what Pacquiao achieves, Floyd and Haymon will always have excuses and reasons to avoid making the biggest event in boxing history. But I am certain Bob Arum will not be tricked by this latest silly charade from Haymon and Mayweather. Bob Arum knows the world wants to see Pacquiao vs. Floyd NOW, not Pacquiao vs. Canelo.



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