IT'S OVER --- UW 80-78.

PONDEXTER SCORES --- Great play by Pondexter on a layup. UW 80-78 at 1.7 seconds.

SLOWING DOWN --- Got to slow down on the thread and write the game story. MU 78-76 at 2:26.

ANOTHER BIG EAST SCHOOL GOES DOWN --- Ohio shocked everyone and knocked off Georgetown.

I WISH I HAD TiVo'D THIS ONE --- Just remember I didn't set my recorder. Dang. Great game. We're set up for a fantastic finish.

UW LEADS --- Turner drained a big three-pointer that brought the Huskies all the way back. This crowd is nuts. Can barely hear myself think. UW 72-71 at 4:49.

WOW --- Great action. Back and forth. MU 71-69.

PLEADING FOR A TECHNICAL --- Pondexter and Cubillan were given technical fouls for taunting.

NEARLY ALL THE WAY BACK --- Pondexter sank layup that cut MU's lead to 66-65 at...

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