HALFTIME STATS --- Click here.

HALFTIME --- MU 43-42.

NO GOOD, BUT NICE ---- Thomas sank a 3/4-court shot, but it won't count because refs stopped play when MU failed to get a shot off and the shot clock expired.

THOMAS POST UP --- Okay it wasn't a real post-up move, but 5-8 Thomas had Cubillian on his back and he tried to back him down before being fouled. UW 41-36.

OVERTON HAS THREE --- That's three fouls on Overton at 3:18. He's out and Turner is in. UW 37-34 at 3:14.

PONDEXTER IS RELENTLESS --- Pondexter is attacking the basket at every opportunity. He's going right to the rim regardless of whoever is in the paint. Perhaps he realizes MU doesn't have a legit shot blocker and he's just going for broke and forcing the officials to make a call. The ploy is working. UW 37-33 at 3:59.


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