HARRY THE HUSKY --- Washington's mascot stopped by press row and gave me a thumbs up. Seems like he should bark or something, but he's a silent pup.

GAME OFFICIALS --- Many have asked about the officials. Well here they are: Leslie Jones, Don Daily Michael Greenstein and Patrick Driscoll.

Daily works primarily in the Sun Belt Conference, Greenstein works Big Sky and West Coast Conference games, Driscoll is familiar with the Big East and Atlantic 10 and Jones has worked many ACC and Big East games.

EMPTY BUILDING, PLAYERS ON THE COURT --- We got about 25 minutes before tip off. Both teams are going through warmups.

FIRST SESSION ENDS --- Butler 77-59 over UTEP and No. 13 Murray State upset No. 4 Vanderbilt 66-65. Fans are fling out and area crews are cleaning up the place for the night...

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