It's that time of year again, time for people all over the country to begin filling out their NCAA basketball tournament brackets. The next two days will have men all around the country tuning into games on their computer, when they should be working. March Maddness is perhaps the most exciting and unpredictable event in all of sports.

 This years field looks a little different. There were four play in games this year, rather than four, allowing a couple of more bubble teams to make the field. This years tournament has four clear-cut number one seeds, Ohio State, Duke, Kansas and Pittsburgh.

Beginning in the East Region I have two upsets in the first round, 9 seeded Villanova over George Mason and 11 seeded Marquette over Xavier. I have the 1,2,3 and 4 seeds all squaring off in the Sweet 16 and Ohio State defeating North Carolina to advance to the Final Four.

In the Southwest Region I have 12 seeded Richmond over Vanderbilt, 11 seeded VCU over Georgetown and 10 seeded Florida State over Texas A&M. Richmond makes a suprise run to the Sweet 16 while VCU and Florida State both fall. Kansas will beat Notre Dame to earn a trip to Houston.

In the Southeast Region number 12 Utah State will take down Kansas State. The Aggies will make a surprise run to the Sweet 16 while number 6 seeded St. Johns makes it all the way to the Elite 8 before being beaten by Pitt in a Big East rematch.

In the West Region Penn State will knock off Temple. All the 1-4 seeds will meet in the Sweet 16 with UConn making the trip to Houston.

The Final Four will see both Ohio State and Pitt be victorious with Pitt defeating the Buckeyes to take their first NCAA tournament title.

The full bracket is posted below and stay tuned for more updates as the tournament progresses.